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Over 20 years experience with some of the biggest names in TV.
The Grand Tour, Top Gear, Slow Mo Guys, Derren Brown, Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond. We are Science and Engineering experts.

Show Reel

In this showreel you can see our work for; Top Gear, The Grand Tour, Porsche, Stand up to Cancer, Food Unwrapped, How Hacks Work, It's Not Rocket Science, Strange Evidence, Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast, Brian Cox Science Britannia, Genius by Steven Hawking and Dick and Dom.
If you've watched The Grand Tour then you've seen what we can do. Explosives, special effects, engineering, car builds, yes we built pretty much all of them. 

About us

BrightFire Productions 

Here at BrightFire we take pride in our "how hard can it be" attitude. Solving problems and getting the job done to the highest professional standard.

From engineering custom vehicles for the likes of 'Top Gear' and 'The Grand Tour' to making wild props and stunts for shows like 'The Slow Mo Guys Big Adventures' and 'Steven Hawking's Genius'.

Brightfire is equipped to deal with the biggest that TV and Film can ask for, anywhere around the world, adding years of expertise to create something unique and jaw-dropping. 

Contact us first to run through your ideas, send us on reccy's or commission us to come up with the ideas. Our experience setting up and working on massive productions will absolutely save you time and money in your pre-production and planning.

Perfect Location

BrightFire are based on a farm in the heart of the South Downs, just north of Brighton. Only an hour away from London, the farm has 350 acres with the most stunning views, barns and fully kitted out workshops that are equipped to cater for almost any TV, film shoot or advert.

Contact us

If you have an unusual, outrageous, or down right bizarre TV or Film requirement then you're in the right place and you should get in touch. We make the impossible happen and are totally realistic and know what can be achieved. We're yet to be beaten and we love a challenge!

Get in touch - email or call us now 01273 906511 or 07919 088064